Welcome to the 2020/2021 University School News


Spencer Thomas

We’re Back.


My name is Spencer Thomas, and I make up one half of the EIC tag team that leads the 2020/2021 University School News. Brady Condon and I are proud to not only publish our first issue of this year, but to kick off what should be a great year for the oldest student run newspaper in the state of Ohio.


Besides Brady and I, we have great section editors in Isaac Haught and Stefan Leonard, who respectively oversee Arts& Entertainment and Opinion. We have a talented and ever-growing base of staff writers who are eager to share their work with you, while progressing as writers themselves. And as always, we have Dr. Foulds as our advisor.


As you read our content, you can count on us to put in all the time necessary to put out rich and thought-provoking pieces that shed light on the world, and our own US community. You can expect them same level of thought and care you have seen in the past, but with the upgraded dedication from our entire staff that is needed to record a school year like no other.

All of us at the US News hope you enjoy our work and look forward to enlightening you from now until June.