Welcome to the 120th Year of the US News

Arnold von Engelbrechten, Editor-in-Chief

The big 1-2-0 is finally here. As we begin to gear up for our first days back, hopefully, some of you will take the time to appreciate this landmark year for our school paper. With over a century of history, our paper has undoubtedly seen its ups and downs. Despite this, in the past two years alone, the tremendous work done by previous editor-in-chiefs made an almost unbelievable impact on the school at-large. This year, more than any, other, we at the paper have a lot to live up to, and as this year’s editor-in-chief, I only want to continue to provide quality content to a school steeped in tradition and unique events just waiting to be reported on.

This year certainly looks promising. With a record high number of 47 staff writers, five section editors, and one director of photography, I’m looking forward to both the newfound quality and quantity that the paper is bound to produce. Keeping on the upswing is vital for everyone here as we will continue to dedicate ourselves to the quality of journalism that effects our community, from parents and alums to faculty and students. As the “voice of the student,” the University School News has come to be more than just a bulletin but actually a forum for discussion and progress.

This year the editorial team and I are going to focus on change as a key component of the news. We want to experiment with new ideas, new formats, new sections, new methods, new news. Our most important announcement is the decision to widen our breadth. Before this administration, the paper focused primarily on school-centric issues. Though it kept the paper grounded to our community, the team and I felt that a lack of content led to a dearth in quality and thus justified the expansion of our horizons. This year we hope to include political articles, Cleveland news, and even international news if we see fit. Another change we’ve decided to make is the inclusion of a public submission box for those who don’t feel that the urge to write a single article justifies their joining of the paper. We want to support school-wide journalism no matter if you’re an official member or not. Also, with group meetings, as well as one on one work periods, we will work towards mastering the pillars of ethical journalism. Following in the footsteps of those before me, the print paper will continue to come out on a quarterly basis coupled with the frequent articles added to the online website.

I sincerely hope that this year the US News becomes a more notable and maybe even important part of your life as the inevitable hard work of this team is bound to make a mark on you whether you’re an avid supporter or a first-time reader.

Thank you for all the support,

Arnold von Engelbrechten 19’