The Aura Chapter of the Spanish Honor Society

Tate Flack '20

March 29, 2019

In the fall of the 2018-2019 school year, advanced Spanish students led by Mrs. Alondra Pacheco founded the Ohio chapter of the National Spanish Honor Society at University school. Accepting applications from levels Spanish 4...

Anime Club

Tony Peng, Staff Writer

November 5, 2018

As the second interim begins, the rigor of school is starting to kick in—homework assignments are getting longer, tests are occurring more frequently, and your classes are beginning to require daily quizzes—leaving you swamped...

A Style Interview with Mr. Hess

Tate Flack, Staff Writer

February 26, 2018

Mr. Hess, arguably University School’s most stylish teacher, answers questions on how stay fresh within the parameters of the dress code. The US dress code is strict in terms of hair length and facial hair. Mr. Hess doesn’t...

A Smile

Andre Berglund, Staff Writer

December 5, 2017

In our world of texts, posts, emails, and tweets, many of us include “emojis” as a way of communicating our feelings. When I investigated this phenomenon, I learned that different cultures often have varieties of emojis that...

Daily Reminders

Andre Berglund, Staff Writer

October 11, 2017

As we drive into school each morning, we see three words, “Responsibility, Loyalty, Consideration.” I remember first seeing those reminders, and I wondered how “Consideration” made it into the line-up.  As students...

Chris McCarrell '02

Chris McCarrell ’02

October 8, 2017

Fall Play Preview

Kevin McMahon, Staff Writer

October 8, 2017

Lights, camera, action. For many of the University School boys it would be almost impossible to believe why one with mounds of homework would want to return to the Upper Campus from 6:30-9 PM every night. While some students are...

Focusing on FOCUS

January 23, 2017

Prior to the end of the first semester, Seven Richmond ‘18 took the stage during morning assembly to announce the beginning of a first-of-its-kind student organization at University School: the Fellowship of Christians of University...

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