Letter from the Editor #2: The Case for Print

By Dante Sudilovsky ’17, Editor-in-Chief
You can read Dante’s first letter from the editor here:

I have always wanted to put the US News back into print.  The website can never be a success on the same level as a printed edition.  Between the difficulties in finding anybody willing to design a website for the US News to the reality of low readership, “http://uschoolnews.info/wordpress/” (just rolls off the tongue!) is a tepid home at best for this 118 year old newspaper.  This paper, the oldest high school newspaper in the state of Ohio, simply deserves better.  She deserves the attention that only a well crafted print edition can bring.  Maybe it’s foolish nostalgia for a better US, in which students actually cared about the student newspaper and took time out of their days to skim its pages—nostalgia for a time in which attention spans were greater than 15 seconds at the very least.  

A printed edition has a significance online issues do not even approach: a piece of literature and dedication rather than an amateur WordPress blog (not saying US would stoop so low for its school newspaper!).  Newsprint can be read and enjoyed while the bright, glaring displays of computers distract the reader, bringing them from the News to a multitude of alternative entertainment available on the World Wide Web.  Print is a single use appliance: wasteful and cumbersome, but good at what it is made for—readership and involvement in the newspaper.  In print, the US News can finally be something important in the greater school community.  It can create discussions, share information, and establish an avenue for the direct publishing of creative writing and art for student and faculty critique. 

Even from a historical perspective, print allows for the preservation of the newspaper and student writing for forthcoming generations of students; the website recycles and loses its data, robbing future students from knowing what those ‘complex and misunderstood’ Millennials had to say about the administration and current events.  With all its benefits and intangibilities, I intend on bringing the News back into print, at least partially. Given, we will never be the Aff No. or the Shakerite or even The Courier, but we can at least reach the level a level the US News deserves.      
Editor’s Note:  This article has been condensed in order to better conform with Millennials’ attention spans.  Pardon the brevity.