Letter from the Editor #3: Another Year Gone

It seems like every year goes by faster and faster; this year is no exception.  Days blur into weeks, weeks blur into months and now the 2015-2016 school year has blurred into yet another summer.  It’s hard to even begin to remember any real specifics of this year, any details which make it stand out from any other high school year.

Regardless, the unremarkable school year brought great changes to the US News which will be carried through to next year.  Though nearly nobody will be reading this letter anyways, it makes me feel better to think that people are actually interested in The Voice of the Studentwhatever that means.  Next year, we plan to continue our twice a month publishing schedule with (hopefully) a move to quarterly print publishing.  The print format and design is already set and ready to hit the presses; I am excited by the thought of somebody actually reading the News.  Overall, the preliminary changes which the staff has made to the News will be extremely important in the following years.  Though we did not necessarily reap all the rewards of steady readership and feedback this year, I am confident that the prestige of the News will grow over time as publishing continues in regularity.  I am excited by the possibilities of next year; I hope to be able to learn my experiences this semester in guiding the News to a great 2016-2017 school year.  Look forward to more excellent US-related content and new distribution models.  The US News is…probably better off than it was a year ago*

Thank you to everyone who has helped out this year.  I would like to specially recognize the excellent work of several writers as well:

To my editorial staff:  Thank you for advising me and assisting the smooth transition into a new publishing system.  I look forward to working with all of you next year

To our faculty advisor, Dr. Jonathan Trutor:  Thank you for all of the work you put into making this newspaper sucessful.  We will miss you dearly next year.

To some of our best writers:  Thank you for all the time you put into making the content for the News.  Your hard work did not go unnoticed, at least not by me.
Ben Hebert ’17
George Nageeb ’18
Josh Suppes ’17
Will Frankel ’17, Opinion Editor
Alex Akins ’18
R.J. McIntyre ’18
Uzo Ahn ’18
*Pure speculation with absolutely no factual basis 

Sincerely yours,

Dante Sudilovsky ’17
Editor-in-Chief ’15-’16, ’16-’17