Letter from the Editor #1: Looking Back at Issue One

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By Dante Sudilovsky ’17, Editor-in-Chief

The US News is back up and running—or at least I’d like to think.  Regular meetings and issues are now being organized; the editorial team has taken on new responsibilities with aplomb.  Dedicated writers have made me realize that in fact students do ‘have a voice.’  On the other hand, this voice has not been too well received by some.     

The first edition of the US News under my editorship garnered more controversy than I expected.  Complaints and comments were received from faculty, students, and administrators.  We were forced to remove comments and even pull an article.  I had not expected this level of censorship and I came out of the first week a little disappointed.  As an individual wholly opposed to censorship of any kind, pulling content is the last thing I want to do.    

(The paragraphs that appeared here were censored within 11 hours.  -Prescott)

The US News will continue to push forward despite censorship.  I understand that the News is still a school-sanctioned newspaper; there are boundaries and I intend for the News to push them.   I want to create an environment in which ‘the voice of the student [and faculty]’ is actually free.

On a positive note, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who made the first issue possible—editors, writers, and readers. Thank you!  


Dante Sudilovsky


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The Voice of the Student
Letter from the Editor #1: Looking Back at Issue One