Is Founder’s Day a Better Fit at the End of the Year

Jake Pease, Staff Writer

It is a revered tradition at University School to have Founder’s Day; however, it usually takes place in the beginning of the year. Due to the infamous COVID-19 pandemic, Founder’s Day has been pushed back this year to the end of the school year. This begs the question, is Founder’s Day more appropriate at the end of the year? If so, why?

My belief leans toward yes, it is a better fit to have Founder’s Day at the end of the school year, and the justification is threefold.

First, Founder’s Day would have more implications on the house standings and for the house cup. Usually, when Founder’s Day takes place early in the year, a couple of houses jump out to an early lead and the rest are left in the dust. However, with Founder’s Day at the end of the year, the competition is close and houses will feel as if they have a chance to win the House Cup with a positive showing during Founder’s Day. Also, there will be more pressure on the houses at the top of the standings and hence, more excitement. With Founder’s Day being later, the House Cup could potentially culminate with a nail-biting finish in which a dodgeball game could decide it all.

Another reason is because of the timetable. With Founder’s Day at the end of the year, the event is placed at a perfect time. This year, Founder’s Day is just after AP exams, yet before the grind for finals. A perfect medium in which everyone benefits, and no one is stressed out with homework or tests.

Finally, the last reason why I believe Founder’s Day is more fit to be at the end of the year is to have a fun farewell event for the seniors. If Founder’s Day was consistently placed at the end of the year, it would be one last time where the seniors could show house and school pride. It would be a fitting farewell and one that would last forever as a memory for the seniors.

While it may be true that having Founder’s Day at the end of the year is not the true “Founder’s Day”, I still believe the day of competitions should be at the end of the year. This belief stems from the increased competition and decisiveness of the competition, the timing, and the farewell for the seniors.