Cobra Kai Season 4 Review


Brody Weinfurtner, Staff Writer

Cobra Kai is the TV show continuation of the Karate Kid movies from the 1980s. Returning actors William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) and Ralph Macchio (Daniel Larusso) bring back some of the old characters that were loved by the past generations. However, in their later years, both of these actors leave something to be desired–to put it nicely. William Zabka, in particular, acts about as blandly as humanly possible. The show also contains many cringeworthy moments, such as the numerous fight scenes, which look like they came straight out of a Disney show. However, there is something so weirdly intriguing about the cliché teen drama storyline and the themes of revenge and power. In the earlier seasons, Johnny, a drunk, lifeless loser, tries to return Cobra Kai to its greatness with the classic motto of “strike hard, strike first, no mercy.” I must admit, this line is pretty catchy, and hearing it yelled enthusiastically by the Cobra Kai students is quite invigorating. These students are shown to be the less fortunate students who need Cobra Kai to break out of their nerdiness, weakness, or even poverty. The Miyagi doe students, on the other hand, have a more relaxed classic training led by Daniel Larusso, now a wealthy car salesman and family man. They believe in defense as the best offense. It is pretty obvious that the show wants you to like the classic miyagi-do karate; however, I found myself rooting heavily for Cobra Kai. Miyagi-Do students bore you so much with their long, emotional talks and annoying life lessons, but Cobra Kai is way more funny and interesting to watch. In Season 4, which came out recently on Netflix, Johnny Lawrence has left Cobra Kai. Now, Johnny Lawrence and Daniel Larusso are teaming up against Johnny’s old mentor, the evil Sensei Kreese who once again runs Cobra Kai. If you care about acting quality or about your self-worth, don’t watch the new season. However, if you want a weirdly intriguing show that will keep you on the edge of your seat for all 10 episodes, I recommend that you watch Cobra Kai Season Four.