University School Football: The Process (2021 Season Update)


University School vs. Gilmour Academy game

Charles Herrick, Editor of Sports and A&E

It has been another frustrating year for US football. With a record of 1-6, it is clear that the team has endured a difficult schedule. However, this adversity is a part of process of building a winning team. The difficult competition inserts a sense of toughness in the team, an urge to get better. This is perfectly exemplified by the excellent leadership of the seniors. Captained by Quint Hanna, Gianfranco Calabrese, and Alex Weinberg, the seniors are working to perfect their team culture. The football team is a tight knit bunch and I am confident that the leadership and healthy team culture our seniors have helped to create will be passed on for years to come. The underclassmen ooze with potential and the juniors will soon be asked to take the mantle of leadership. There is still time for the team demonstrate improvement, the team plays Warrensville Heights and Steubenville to cap the season. A couple of wins to end the season can instill a sense of pride and create momentum that can be carried to 2022, where it will hopefully translate into playoff and even state success. Supporting the team can also make a huge difference. The team needs the students’ support even at the end of the season. Creating a winning team is a long and hard process, however when the success eventually comes, it will all be worth it. Success will come for US football, and when it comes remember the leadership and culture the seniors have created year after year. As Coach Malbasa quoted from JFK at the team introduction, “we do these things because they are hard.”