US Basketball Midseason Brief

Charles Herrick

There were a lot of expectations for US Varsity basketball coming into this season. After a heartbreaking defeat to Mentor in the district semi-final last post-season, US basketball was expected to come back stronger and make another run for a title. This endeavor has been successful so far mid-way through the season. The team has battled through adversity this season due to positive COVID-19 tests and delayed games, but is still surging towards the playoffs with a 5-2 record and a 23rd rank. 8 games remain with tough matchups still to come. The team battled #4 St Edward at home on January 22nd and, although losing, US was solidified as an elite contender. Seniors Ricky Radke, and Faris Dahman lead the squad with elite play. Faris and others have electrified the offense with excellent 3 point shooting. The tall Ricky Radke shuts down opponents with immaculate blocks and steals. Younger players such as Sophmore Nelson Johnson Jr. and Justin Belcher have showcased their talent as well, and represent a bright future for US hoops. Overall expect to see US continue their brilliant play into the postseason and hopefully can break through this time around.