CBA 2018-219: The Best Yet

Daniel Leonard '19

The CBA season has finally arrived. The Class Basketball Association is by far the most popular sports club on campus. With over 150 students competing on a record 24 teams, it has quickly become one of the most liked activities offered at University School. CBA takes playing basketball during break or extensions to a new level. With actual teams and rivalries, things get competitive on the court. Players and referees take games very seriously as everyone is competing for one common goal: playing in the game gym and competing for the CBA Championship. It is rumored that Varsity Basketball players from Gilmour Academy have asked the CBA commissioner, Nate Mayor, if there are any more spots left in the tournament. When we asked Nate Mayor about these rumors, he had no comment.

The two teams two that are expected to make a splash in this year’s season are the Hunting Valley Kings and Team Ignant Wet EuroClip. As both of these teams are made up of seniors, it will be exciting to watch them face off for one last year in hopes of graduating as champions. These two teams faced off multiple times last year, and their games were by far the most entertaining to watch. Whether it was Chase Snyder and Henry Saada having a shoot-out from behind the arc, or Jake Kapp and Paul Marotta battling it out in the post, there is never a dull moment when these two teams face off.

Despite the ferocity of these two senior teams, anything can happen this season. In past years multiple teams lead by underclassmen have made it far into the playoffs, upsetting much higher seeds and making big statements. With stricter rules being enforced this year, specifically the rule forbidding players not on the original roster to join a team mid-season, it is even more likely that younger teams will have an unexpected impact this season.

Even if you are not on a team this year, simply showing up and watching a game is almost as exciting as playing in one. Being a spectator allows you to stand courtside, watching the same kids that sit next to you in the classroom compete against each other on the court. You will quickly find yourself so invested in the games being played that you will completely forget about anything else going on in your life. Hyping up players after they make crucial shots during the game is just as exhilarating as making those shots yourself.

Nate Mayor has worked tirelessly to make this season the best one yet. He even sacrificed playing this year in order to remain unbiased in the decisions he makes while refereeing the games and creating the schedule. With his team of referees and cooperation from the participating players, this CBA season is turning out to be one of the greatest in school history.