An Argument for Kyrie

Abem Fetene '22

Kyrie Irving is the best point guard to play the game. Other than the crazy handles that can get him past defenders every time he has the ball and his unstoppable finishing ability, Kyrie has many more strengths that make him a unique and difficult player to defend. One of these aspects is his three-point shot. This season, Kyrie Irving’s three-point percentage of thirty-eight percent is better than both Damian Lillard and Klay Thompson, two of the top shooters in the game today. Additionally, Kyrie Irving has an excellent field goal percentage (percentage of shots made in total), which this season is forty-eight percent. Through the start of the season, Kyrie is scoring much more than his competition, having more points per game than Jimmy Butler, Demar DeRozan, and John Wall. Overall, Kyrie is a scoring point guard who is demolishing all of his competition.

Moreover, Kyrie is one of the most clutch players in basketball. This aspect of his game was most notably seen through his game-clinching shot in game 7 of the 2016 NBA finals. According to Justin Kubatko, the former consultant for the Trailblazers NBA stats and the current Chief Data Officer for Stat Muse, “@Cavs Kyrie Irving has a scoring average of 6.9 PPG in 18 overtime games, 1.5 PPG higher than any other player in the last 17 seasons.” Aside from his overtime performances, Kyrie is also a key player in important games, especially in the playoffs. According to Stat Muse, Kyrie averaged an outstanding 28 points in the last two finals he played in. To see if anyone shared this opinion of Kyrie and whether or not he is the best guard in the NBA, I asked US student Richard Clark, a member of the freshman basketball team. Richard agreed saying, “Kyrie has the best handles in the game, hit a game-winner in the finals, and is also one of the best players in the game right now and still hasn’t hit his prime yet.” Kyrie Irving is playing at a higher level of basketball every game and has been doing this ever since he entered the NBA in 2011. Kyrie won the rookie of the year, beating current all-star and star defender Kawahi Leonard for the title. Additionally, Kyrie has been in 5 all-star games, won the three-point contest, and won the all-star game MVP in 2014.

Despite all of his achievements while in the NBA, Kyrie was also an outstanding college basketball player at Duke University. Unfortunately, while at Duke, Kyrie injured his toe, and he was out for most of his freshman season, only having the chance to play in 12 games. Aside from the fact that he was unable to show off his true potential in college, he was drafted first overall in the 2011 NBA draft. In conclusion, Kyrie Irving is an outstanding player, and because of his razzle-dazzle spin moves and his up and under finishes, he is one of the most exciting players to watch.