Daily Reminders

Andre Berglund, Staff Writer

As we drive into school each morning, we see three words, “Responsibility, Loyalty, Consideration.”

I remember first seeing those reminders, and I wondered how “Consideration” made it into the line-up.  As students attending a top tier private school, we are often reminded of our “Responsibility” to honor our education, our teachers, our parents, our studies, and our opportunities. Each time we wear a US jersey, our uniforms, or we support our classmates at athletic, academic, or artistic events we proclaim or “Loyalty” to our school and our brothers. However, what does “Consideration” really mean, and how do we interpret its significance?

“Consideration” must mean more than just common courtesy.  As we look at the historical photos of US, we see that over the years, our complexion has changed. There is no “typical” looking US student. We come from different backgrounds, often different cultures, and our paths are diverse. “Consideration” may be a reminder to consider our comments, our judgments, and our assumptions when we interact. “Consideration” of others may mean to really consider, or to pause and think, about the effects of our words, our actions, our posts, our texts, and our tweets.

We are very fortunate to have those daily reminders.