Community Service at University School

Zachary Keum, Staff Writer

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Do you still need 15 hours of community service before the end of the year? There are still plenty of community service opportunities for everyone who still needs to get their hours in before the end of the year.

Giving back to our community has been a huge part of University School, and a very important aspect in our lives. Serving our community gives us the opportunity as individuals to make an impact on society. Whether you distribute food at a food bank, spend an afternoon at a retirement home, or play with younger children, volunteering for your community for a few hours is a fulfilling and an impactful experience on people, neighborhoods, and yourself.

Juniors Peter Lehmann and Ian Binder are both four year volunteers at Youth Challenge. Youth Challenge gives students “an opportunity bring together young people with disabilities and teen volunteers to participate in fun activities and sports.” Peter enjoys playing baseball and swimming with the students around once every two weeks during the summer for around three hours.

Junior Owen Cervino volunteers at the Food Bank once a month for two hours. He is a five year volunteer at the Food Bank, and Owen says that he enjoys the physical aspect, the interactions with people in the community, and the feeling of people other people out. Members who volunteer organize foods in the warehouse, or distribute food to the community.

Owen also volunteers at Shoes and Clothes for Kids, where members fold and organize clothes into boxes to be distributed to children in the community. This is a good opportunity to knock out a few hours of community service since they meet on days where school is off.

The Shaker Lakes Nature Center is another opportunity where students can not only help their community, but also help their environment. The Nature Center at Shaker Lakes preserves the environment, and connects people with nature to inspire environmental conservation.

Any contribution to the community is welcomed, and just dedicating a few hours will go a very long way. Contact Mrs. Lawrence for upcoming community service opportunities.