The MyUS Grading System

George Brinn, Staff Writer

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Entering the 2017-2018 school year the tech department switched to a new and improved form of Schoology. Despite the struggle of transitioning from Schoology to MyUS, the new online assignment calendar has many benefits. From the organized set up to the advanced notification settings, the new system has proven its superiority. In particular, one aspect of MyUS stands out. That is the organized grade function, allowing for students to access their grade reports in each class, if their teacher chooses to upload them.

The ability to see easily check class grades is critical for students overall organization because it allows for them to see their missing assignments and more. Yes, students can always ask their teachers to see their grades, and yes, teachers still could have uploaded grades using Schoology, but MyUS makes it easier for students and teachers. Here at US teachers almost always allow students to see their grades, but it’s not that simple. In all honesty, approaching a teacher can be terrifying, and for most students at US, taking the five whole minutes to find their teacher just isn’t worth it. Thus, uploading grades to MyUS can relieve some of the students’ unneeded stress and save the teacher’s time. The orderly layout of the grading system on MyUS shows a grade summary at the top of the page, but more importantly breaks down each section with the given grades at the bottom. This function enables students to see each individual grade and their missing assignments. With this information students can track their strengths and weaknesses in the classroom, allowing them to recognize their mistakes and make improvements before it’s too late. Furthermore, uploading grades would prevent, or at least limit the time teachers spend hunting down their students to make up work.

Lastly, easily accessing grades can help motivate students to improve their grades. Students can roughly estimate their overall grade, but with a precise grade they can gauge what needs to be done to maintain or improve their grade. For example, if a student were to recognize his grade was a high B+ or nearly falling into the C range, that student is certainly going to want his grade to either slide up into the A range or make sure that grade doesn’t fall to a C. Therefore, allowing students to see their grades will motivate them academically, and push them to study that extra bit to get the results they want.

In conclusion, understanding the benefits of allowing students to easily access their grades, teachers should be encouraged to utilize the MyUS grading system. So teachers, if it’s not too much to ask, consider these benefits to further try and keep your disheveled teenage students organized.

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The MyUS Grading System