Previewing The US Podcast

Max Razavi, Staff Writer

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The University School News has been a school tradition for over 100 years. Throughout its history, the US News has stayed true to its roots, rarely veering far from convention. This year, however, Junior Tyler Fertel is looking to shake things up with the re-introduction of the University School Podcast. The US Podcast will be broadcast biweekly and aims to discuss headlines from the past as well as look to upcoming events in the US community. Some main topics will be results from sporting events, guest speakers at assembly, opportunities for students to partake in, and others news that affects the student body as a whole.

One might be wondering what inspired Tyler to engage in this endeavor and start US Podcast. In his words, “I frequently listen to both informative and comical podcasts in my free time, and I’ve always wanted to be a part of a structured podcast’s production.” After seeking opportunities to do so throughout the school and finding none, he realized that he would have to take initiative and start the program himself in order to achieve his goal. Ideally, Tyler sees the US Podcast being hosted by different students each week to foster a different feel to each show. Guests will also regularly appear on the show. Whether this is the captain of a sport team that has a big game coming up or a teacher that wants to discuss an event they are hosting, the podcast is sure to be interesting.

Look for announcements advertising recruitment to the US Podcast, and be sure to tune in.

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Previewing The US Podcast