Where Post Season Cross Country Meets Pre Season Track: Indoor Track

Neil Agarwal, Staff Writer

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When the snow drifts down all the turkeys have been stuffed, why not join the indoor track team? For some die-hard runners, indoor track is more of an intermediary between post-season cross country and pre season track, but to others, it is a highly competitive track season.

Indoor track is not an OHSAA sanctioned sport; it is instead sanctioned by the OAT & CCC. This means that you really don’t have to attend practice every day, although if you really want to improve, you should. Also, regulations are a lot more lenient than most sports. Practices usually run from 3-5 on Mondays through Thursdays. On some Thursdays, there are meets at Spire Institute in Geneva. Don’t want to compete? No problem, you don’t have to. The Saucony All-Star Meet will be on a Friday at Spire and the renowned State Championship Meet is always on the first Saturday of March at the University of Akron.

The coaches consist of Coach Zappas, Coach Lewis (not Mr. Lewis) , Coach Kennedy, Coach Bunce, and Coach Richmond. Coach Lewis is replacing Coach Moldovan for distance runners. In indoor track (and track) there are five subdivisions, distance, sprints, hurdles, throwing and pole vaulting. All five subdivisions practice separately. Distance is the most renowned for its grueling workouts. Usually a distance practice consists of a core routine, foot strengthening exercises, a weekly intense workout or a casual run through the winter snow, and for the less adventurous, a sweaty run up in the indoor track.

Justin Iler, district champion, also does indoor track, where last year, he made it to the All-Star Meet. Last year’s season led to considerable team members making it to the All-Star Meet and we are hopeful of this years team to do the same. Expect Cole Bowes, Graham Clark, Robert Hegler, and Will Spencer to pull off another great season in indoor track as well. The distance squad consists of mostly underclassmen with no senior leadership, but we expect juniors and Justin to rise up to those roles. The indoor track team is proud to welcome back returning members and some freshman as well.

If none of these reasons motivate you, ask yourself, “What sport am I doing over winter break?” If you aren’t currently doing a sport, you should join indoor track because it counts as an interscholastic sport. Also, it has been scientifically proven that runners are on average, happier due to endorphins being released during a run. On top of that, it’s an excuse to hang around with your friends after school, with a run through the snow, an adventure through the frosty lands of the US fields, or even an icy jog down SOM Center Road! If you want to do track in the spring, you should do indoor track as it is a good pre season workout to make sure you are competitive in the outdoor track season.

If you’re interested in joining indoor track, feel free to join by talking to Mr. Zappas or any of the other coaches, the first meeting of indoor track will be held the Monday after Thanksgiving Break in the indoor track. Also, HB will join the indoor track team for some practices, if that really makes a difference in your decision to join the team.

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Where Post Season Cross Country Meets Pre Season Track: Indoor Track