Young Entrepreneurship Institute: a Mecca for the Budding Businessman

Zachary Zelman, Staff Writer

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At University School, students have the opportunity to take as many as three business oriented classes in addition to participation in the Anderson Scholars Entrepreneurship program (Freshmen will be able to apply for the program during the spring). The Anderson Scholars in Entrepreneurship program allows students with an interest in entrepreneurship to participate in business competitions,  monthly speaker series, summer internships, and take two business classes: Micro Economics and History of American Capitalism. Students even create a microbusiness of their own. Students in both the Anderson Scholars program and in business classes at US will learn many vital business practices that will benefit them well beyond their years at US. Mr. Malkin, the head of the Young Entrepreneurship Institute at US and the faculty advisor for the Anderson Scholars in Entrepreneurship program says, “Entrepreneurship is a great way to learn critical life skills like financial literacy and business communication.  But it is also an excellent way for you to develop critical soft skills like resilience and taking ownership of one’s life.  Skills that will serve you well no matter what you do for the rest of your life.  The Entrepreneur Anderson Scholars Program provides opportunities for US students to gain these and other important life skills.” Microeconomics is a full year class that gives students a firm understanding on a variety of basic business and economic principles. One of the highlights of the class is when students get to apply their skills to an online business simulation program called Titan.

A more in-depth option for students is Advanced Placement Economics. Taught by Mr. Kessler, this is a college level class that examines financial theories, economics–the study of choices that individuals, firms, and societies must make as they use scare resources to provide for material well-being–and the economy on both a Micro and Macro scale. At the end of the year, students take both the Micro and Macro AP exams.

The final class offered as US is a one semester history elective called History of American Capitalism. The class uses a variety of readings to examine the history and development of the free economy in the US. More specifically, the class studies the different ways that business managers have motivated employees since the Industrial Revolution.

Overall, it is clear that US students have an incredible opportunity to leave US having acquired a wealth of knowledge in business and analytical skills. The Young Entrepreneurship Institute also provides a variety of resources for budding businessmen that extend beyond the classroom!


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Young Entrepreneurship Institute: a Mecca for the Budding Businessman