The Dress Code: We’re Just Getting Started

Grant Pawlikowsky, Staff Writer

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As the school year commenced in late August, the staff and faculty at University School have cracked down on implementing the dress code. Although there have been countless announcements regarding proper school dress code, students continue to disregard these announcements and violate the dress code. While it is appropriate to follow the dress code, many believe that being dinged with a demerit for not having your shirt tucked in while walking the halls is a little outrageous. If you didn’t notice already or haven’t been a victim yet, Dr. Daughtrey has been lurking the halls of University School trying to catch his prey. Also, US sportswear such as pullovers, sweatshirts/jackets etc. have been banned from being warn throughout the school day unless it’s a dress down day. Many others including myself believe that we should be able to represent the team and school we play for by wearing US sports clothing. It seems unreasonable that we have a shop in our school that sells clothing we can’t even wear them during the day. All in all, the schools new system of giving demerits for shirts not being tucked in should go back to what it was last year. Also, US sportswear should be able to be worn throughout the school day, as it is a pointless rule. I will follow up on this topic as the school year goes on and maybe even start a survey to allow US sportswear during the school day.

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The Dress Code: We’re Just Getting Started