The Growing Importance of Neutrality

Enea Cominelli, Staff Writer

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As 2017 quickly comes to a close, it is clear that this past year has hosted one of the most politically heated climates in recent memory. With a plethora of controversies, ranging from the unclear policies of Donald Trump to the protest of African-American athletes during sporting events, being informed is more important than ever before.

As productive members of the University School community, it is vital that we specifically are not ignorant of these topics and understand the strong opinions that exist on both sides of any given topic. With a wide variety of platforms such as the Society of Skeptics and Speech and Debate, I personally believe University School nurtures a safe environment for discourse of such controversial topics.

Regardless of subject materials, teachers make a point of talking about various current events, not only refining our general knowledge, but also our critical thinking skills. Here at University School we are expected to grow up to become influential members of society, comfortable enough to be able to voice our opinions on any topic. With unprecedented levels of polarization in the world today, it is commendable that our school constantly educates us about current events, allowing us to interpret them ourselves. A school is meant to shape a person – not change their individual thoughts.

While only considering one viewpoint may be easier, in order to maximize personal growth, both sides need to be taken into account with teachers serving as unbiased mediators. For the most part teachers at University School keep their personal opinions out of debates, which ameliorates the students’ experience, as someone who takes the minority opinion will not feel bombarded by the majority.

University School has provided me with the proper academic setting by allowing me to voice my own opinion. I have been on both sides – the majority and minority – in arguments, but have yet to feel like my opinion was completed neglected or ignored. Truly, in a world with countless disputes, I’m sure we can all agree that US has an admirable approach to providing us with the most useful education possible.

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The Growing Importance of Neutrality