Up, Up, and Passed Away: A Kyle Konspiracy


Carl, the main character in the Disney movie Up, dies after he is told that his house will be torn down. The house, a childhood dream of his, helped him to remember his deceased wife.  When he found out that he had to move to an elderly home, it broke it hear.  Now the rest of the story is a tale of Carl’s journey to the afterlife. The end of this journey is the waterfall that he and his wife had fantasized about, their personal haven. As he figuratively and literally goes UP to heaven he encounters an elderly man, a young boy, and an extinct bird.  All of these figures are angels that guide him towards his waterfall.  The old man and the young boy serve as the most important of the three angels.  The old man, Charles Muntz, Carl’s childhood hero. Charles, who has spent more then 50 years in the wild, most likely died there. The young boy is a little more interesting.  In the montage of Carl and Ellie’s life, we saw the couple filled with joy after the news of Ellie’s pregnancy.  Sadly we also see her crying in the doctor’s offices, hinting at a miscarriage.  The young boy, Russell, is the angelic child of Carl and Ellie. The movie is about more than a deranged old man, it is about reflection. T he biggest moments in Carl’s life are reflected on in his journey to his heaven.  Once he gets to heaven he realizes that his real heaven is a life with his son.