Fall Play Preview

Lights, camera, action. For many of the University School boys it would be almost impossible to believe why one with mounds of homework would want to return to the Upper Campus from 6:30-9 PM every night. While some students are graphing equations, others are developing their amazing talents in the world of theater, striving to become the newest hit on Broadway or face of Hollywood.

Currently, the actors and actresses are preparing to steal the show in the 2017 Fall Play which hits Broadway – I mean the stage – on October 26th. The play is titled Enter Laughing based on the book by Carl Reiner, and the performance is sure to be a hit. The play involves a delivery boy who strives to be a renowned actor in New York City.  The faculty advisor and director of the fall play is Mrs. Pribble, and I was recently able to sit down with her to discuss the play and drama in general. When I asked her for what words she would use to describe the show, she explained that it will be “funny, comical, and a show you should see.”  The cast of the show includes 11 of our own US Classmates as well as 4 girls from local schools. Stars of the show include: Auryon Azar (Class of 2019), Mikey Fedeli (Class of 2018), Alex Richter (Class of 2020), Wyatt Sweeney (Class of 2019), Calvin Chesler (Class of 2019), Sawyer Zak (Class of 2019), rising star JD Sharp (Class of 2018), Owen Rehak (Class of 2020), Jackson Coleman (Class of 2020), Graeme Turner (2019), and lastly Isaiah Paik (Class of 2018).

I also asked Mrs. Pribble what she would say to boys who have never acted before and are thinking about trying out for the play or the musical in the future. She said, “In order to learn technique and gain confidence take Drama Workshop.”

Remember, if you want to become an actor, take drama workshop, and also come and see the newest, funny, and comical University School fall play production on October 26th and 28th, 2017 in the Hunting Valley Campus Auditorium. I’ll be there. Will you?