The CCIS Schools

The CCIS Schools

Andre Berglund, Staff Writer

Hundreds of families in the Cleveland area make the decision every year whether to send their children to private schools or not. Private schools promote higher quality education with traditions of academic excellence that extend beyond the walls of the classroom.

The Cleveland Council of Independent Schools, also known as the CCIS, is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote cooperation and collaborative efforts among independent schools. First founded in 1967, the conglomeration of independent schools in Northeastern Ohio holds to serve more than 4,500 students from over 50 communities.  All CCIS schools are committed to global education, allowing their student bodies to go out into the real world after graduation and serve their communities.

As stated in their mission statement, “[The] CCIS serves member schools and their constituents by promoting, supporting, and enhancing the value of independent education in Northeast Ohio through the facilitation of meaningful collaboration.”  Along with the mission statement they promote five core values: Excellence, Integrity, Accountability, Collaboration, and Respect.

A Board of Directors is headed by President Mike Griffith, from The Lillian and Betty Ratner School.  Alongside him is Vice President, Rick Bryan, our very own Headmaster at University School.  The members of the committee are committed to the ideal of an independent education as a valuable and viable choice for learning today.

While the CCIS schools have a shared purpose, each has a different character, niche, and environment.  The CCIS has created ways for prospective students across the Greater Cleveland Area to apply to schools of interest through different applications and the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE).  Once comprised of only four local schools in northeastern Ohio, the CCIS now includes fourteen schools.  Their mission lives on along with their commitment to provide higher education for many generations to come.


Andrews Osborne Academy

Birchwood School of Hawken

Gilmour Academy

Grand River Academy

Hathaway Brown School

Hawken School

Laurel School

Lawrence School

The Lillian and Betty Ratner School

Montessori High School at University Circle

Old Trail School

Ruffing Montessori School

University School

Western Reserve Academy