A Jewish-American Perspective on Ann Coulter’s Bigoted Outburst

September 24, 2015

Will Frankel '17,  Opinion Editor During Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate on CNN, popular conservative writer Ann Coulter tweeted out “Cruz, Huckabee Rubio all mentioned ISRAEL in their response to: ‘W...

The Sweet Taste of Victory

September 15, 2015


“I do not cast actors, I cast the play” -Carol Pribble

September 11, 2015

by Andrew Gilmore '17, Entertainment Editor Every year at US there is an assembly we all look forward to. We walk in to the auditorium and see an unusually large number of students missing. This is because they are all backstag...

Think Tank

September 10, 2015


Creative Fiction Spotlight: Reward and Regret

September 8, 2015

by Rohan Garg '18, Creative Fiction Editor “Have a nice day at school today, Nathan,” my mom said just before I left for school that morning. I hopped onto the school bus that waited for me at the end of the driveway, and I sa...

The Voice of the Student