The CBA (Canceled Basketball Association)

Spencer Thomas '21

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By now, most people have heard about the fight that took place before winter break last year. In a routine CBA game, two students got into an altercation that turned physical, leading to a suspension of the league. Now after a 3-week hiatus, our intermural basketball league has returned. Still, after its absence, questions have been raised about its role in our community.

The CBA is without a doubt a huge part of student life. It is fun to play or even to watch, and it draws interest from just about everyone. Friends come together to become teammates, whether they are freshmen on the debate team just having fun, or seniors who enroll their team in AAU tournaments. Teams like Trust the Process have even gone so far as to purchase a team uniform, and post highlights to their Instagram account. One of their posts even attracted the attention of Meechie Johnson, a nationally coveted high school basketball recruit from Garfield, who commented on their video. Such moments are when CBA is at its best. It brings students together to compete in a fun way. However, after one game went awry, it brought into question the league’s worth.

The good CBA does for US clearly outweighs the bad. Routine physical activities can be a huge benefit to students. Not just physically, but also in school itself. According to the CDC, students who routinely exercise have better grades, and also have an easier time staying on task. Exercising during the day not only lowers stress, but also improves memory and creativity. Michigan State University says, “A workout or short exercise at work may improve job performance, productivity, and the overall workplace environment.” This is especially important at an all-boys school.

Most importantly, the CBA makes students happier and more productive. Despite its laid-back nature, the CBA benefits students’ mental health. All of these benefits from a student-run organization make it something the school should be proud of. Students like league commissioner Nate Mayor are taking an active interest in the league, trying to make it better.

Although its value often goes unnoticed, the CBA is vital in so many parts of the school. It is accountable for building companionship between students who anywhere else would not even cross paths. Its mental benefits make students happier, and more productive. Most importantly, however, it is fun. High schoolers take an interest in something that is about something more than just themselves, while also enjoying it. That alone is what makes the CBA special, and something to be valued at US.

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The CBA (Canceled Basketball Association)