Still My Moment Review

Jack Robey '19

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Tee Grizzly, the hottest gangster off the block, is back with his new project Still My Moment, but his loyal fans and listeners have one question for the popular rapper, Has the money made him soft? Tee Grizzly answers this query with a resounding no.

Straight from the title track Tee dives headfirst into his traditional thug flow accompanied by his signature piano beats. He hits you with powerful anecdotes and references to his life growing up in Detroit such as the classic line “Gas station game, pull up, let them pumps hit.” TG has a way of being visceral in his details and shockingly blunt and open about his past life as a criminal, a life that he only recently stepped past. While some might doubt the legitimacy of the gang stories told by most rappers, much like Tony the Frosted Flakes Tiger, Mr. Grizzly has the stripes to prove it. Our man Timothy Grizzwald actually served substantial jail time and only got off parole just after his new album released. T-Grizz brings his realness off the streets straight to the listener’s drums. The album is loaded front to back with hit after hit driven by Twizzly’s impactful and powerful lyrics.

The weakest point of the album has to be the features from other rappers that mostly miss in comparison to the bottled heat of Tha’Grizzer’s verses. The album has multiple high points, one of which is the final track titled Babies to Men. This track is about how the Grizzard of Oz found his way into a life of crime at a very young age. With bars such as “Why they let us get our hands on them pistols? Why we ain’t get a book on all the stuff that came with it?” Little Tee strikes at the heart of a life that is a reality for many kids growing up in underprivileged areas. The Grizz man’s new album doesn’t just live up to his first My Moment project that put him on, he surpassed it. Still My Moment is an album that is successful on many levels that is, by my estimation, the #1 rap album of 2018.